Weekend Shopping-Sportsgirl Blue Suede Skirt

 I thought that I would take a small break from my sets to share a purchase from my weekend. It was an impulse buy from Sportsgirl, a blue (faux) suede skater skirt.

I love the texture! I’m definitely influenced by textures in my clothes. In the case of this skirt, it’s an immediate love and I want it in my wardrobe. I also will not purchase things that I like visually if it’s a funny or “yucky” feeling piece of clothing.

The skirt was on sale, one left, my size, so I left a very happy girl 🙂

As an impulse buy, I haven’t really had a chance to figure out what to wear with it yet.  During a recent trip to London, I bought a blue top from H&M which might work with the skirt. I’m hoping the weather will be as nice as it has been for the last few days (yay for Spring!), so that I will have the chance to try out the skirt with the H&M top and decide if I like it.

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