Black & White

Black & White
Whilst I was working on the Under $1000 room , Polyvore was setting up a new contest, the Black and White room colour challenge. When I posted my entry in the $1000 room contest, I saw the new one. At first I was disappointed that I could have entered the room I had really wanted to do as the entry. I considered entering the Black, white and yellow with the styling I had wanted, but thought it might be considered a bit against the rules of “Only new sets allowed”. It was time to create a different black and white room.
For this black and white room, I started finding a few pieces that were quite geometric, so I ran with that idea to create the room. Some items look very much like a 2D shape in the picture, but are a 3D item in reality, which I found interesting.
The final touch for a black and white room, I believe, is a pop of colour. For this room, it’s the magenta and teal in the cushions, and then the magenta has been repeated with the plant. The third cushion, with the Statue of Liberty, references the wall art.

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