My under $1000 the extras

This post is actually two different interior sets that I created. The first one, the under $1000 room, was for a Polyvore Contest. Without a lot of money to spend, I went for a high impact look with black and white and a touch of yellow. As an Australian, the competition was a little tougher. I had started by looking around for some low cost furniture (hello IKEA!). Unfortunately, when adding in other items that were already catalogued on Polyvore, the Australian conversion kept putting up the dollar amount. I could have just said “oh well, I’ll just do it in American dollars,” but then I would have to work out conversions for my Australian items.
Eventually, I decided to enter a more basic, “concept” entry in the competition, and then make my own, second set,fully styled as I would have liked it. The result is the second set. More expensive, but also finished off with all the personal touches I had wanted to include.
The first set, the competition entry, also achieved a mention as a Top Interior Set for the 21st of August, which is exciting. From a personal perspective, I would have preferred it to be the second, but competition entries are sets that will automatically be noticed by more people. I’m still a new member so I can’t expect that my non competition entries will receive as much notice. ┬áMy 2 mentions for Top Interior Sets has definitely helped with followers on Polyvore, which can only be a good thing, and I am happy to have been noticed and included.

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