Sunday at the Movies-Rear Window

Sunday at the Movies
One of the original ways that I wanted to use the polyvore site was to document some of my actual outfits,and so the “style diary” was born. Any post marked “style diary” is either an exact copy of an outfit I wore, or something very similar if I could no longer find the actual item online. This outfit is what I wore yesterday to the movies to see Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.
This particular style diary is almost identical to what I wore. The Topshop tshirt is long like a dress, with splits up the sides. It’s great with the Cotton on leggings as you can see the stripes of faux leather all the way up the sides, thanks to the splits. I love these leggings, mainly because of the faux suede on the front of them! I wore black studded ankle boots which look a lot like the ones above, but mine are from Topshop. I bought them at the start of the year so they are no longer on the website.
Yesterday, I also experimented with the wearing of red lipstick. I’ve never really worn red lipstick before (unless for fun as a kid), so it was a new experience! It actually felt a little strange wearing such bright lipstick, but I have been wanting to mix things up a bit, and it is a definite change!

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