Style Diary-Furniture Shopping

Style Diary-Furniture Shopping
A Style Diary post for yesterday. This one is not an exact copy, but it is fairly close to what I wore. The H&M top I own. The animal print is very subtle, so I actually like it. Since the pattern is slightly transparent, I have a simple brown 3/4 top to wear under it(not  the one pictured). My top is a lighter brown than the one above.
My pants were a pair of Sportsgirl cropped jeans in pale blue that I bought last year. I actually saved money on them because somebody put all the blue ones on the sale rack but they were still full price. As they were last year’s pants, I’ve found a pair of pants that are similar for the picture.
Shoes were from Betts. I bought them 2 years ago, so again they are not the ones pictured. The colour is the same, and the style is very similar. My shoes have strings that you tie into bows on the side instead of studs around the ankle.

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