Dress Brit for The Today Show

Dress Brit for The Today Show
This is my first entry for a “real life” contest at Polyvore, to dress Brit Moran for The Today Show. It was really hard as I had no idea who she is, or what she was doing on The Today Show or anything! I doubt that an Australian can even win this contest( a trip to New York to see Brit Moran wear the outfit on The Today Show), but I thought I would give it a go for fun.
Some google research told me that Brit Moran is a 27 year old with a DIY website and is a kind of digital age Martha Stewart. It seems that an outfit she would like is colourful, with statement pieces and is versatile for where it can be worn. The only “required” item in the contest is the Dress Brit Moran text, but there are several items of clothing, shoes and jewellery shown as well. I thought I would start with something from the list- maybe they are items in her wardrobe? I picked the skirt because it was something that leaped out at me, and the outfit came together pretty quickly from there. I personally love the ombre chain necklace! I would wear it out to dinner, or add a blazer and change the shoes for a work related look. I have no idea if Brit Moran would wear it, but I like it 🙂

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