Day Or Night: Move to the Beat of Your Own Skinnies with Old Navy

Day Or Night: Move to the Beat of Your Own Skinnies with Old Navy
Another Polyvore contest for Old Navy. For me,it’s not really a contest (again I’m pretty sure Australians can’t win), but I like having the constraint of using certain items. I worked the same way as I did for the other Old Navy contest- I added in the pairs of skinny jeans from the selection, and then started finding tops to go with them. I had a few more outfits in my draft, but the navy sequin top screamed night, so I decided to do a day and a night outfit using the Old Navy skinny jeans.
The sequin peplum top is something I found when looking for a navy top for the Fall Prints contest. (Fall Prints: Plaid Skirt) I’d saved it so I could find it for use later, and the coated navy jeans in this contest seemed like the perfect time. If you are thinking of adding some jeans that have been coated to look shiny and leather like, I have some advice: check the label for washing instructions! I bought a pair beginning of this year, wore them once, put them in the washing machine and they came out with white stuff all over them. Turns out that they were dry clean only, and I didn’t even think of that since I was in the jeans mindset. I love the look of the coated jeans, but watch out for the added cost!
I think I’ve mentioned that I’m not a big fan of florals for my own wardrobe, bur I like the “day” outfit. If I was going to wear florals then I would probably wear something like this. I chose this one as the day outfit because I liked the floral jeans with the boots, and I liked the tshirt with the jeans too. Even though it is not my personal style, I thought it was a cute look (and probably less high maintenance than the “night” look!)
The contest was “Move to the Beat in Your Own Skinnies with Old Navy”, so I made sure to add some music theming to the set.

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