My New Bedroom Mock-up

My New Bedroom
I haven’t posted as frequently the last couple of weeks. I’ve been working on the redecoration of my bedroom. I haven’t finished finding all the little touches yet, but I made a mock-up of what it looks like:
The walls are now painted in Antarctica Lake by Dulux. Full strength on the walls, and 1/4 strength on the ceiling.
The bed is my new bed from Domayne, which I have loved for years!
Quilt cover is from Adairs. I was really lucky, all of the new bedding has been on sale, and the quilt was only $50! It’s in the colour palette I wanted, but not exactly what I had in mind, so for $50, I can have it, but still be on the lookout for that “perfect” quilt cover.
I have my new Florence Broadhurst pillow, so pretty,and also on sale with 30% off!
I also found a few decorations (not in the mockup) of an owl snow globe and a small tin bucket with a heart on it. As I said, my bedroom is not completely finished, but the basic idea is in.

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