I’m Back, + Some Comment Responses

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been away some of this week, and been busy with work stuff as well, so I haven’t had the chance to create some new sets or write posts. When logging in today, I see some comments that have been put in the spam folder. They are hard to figure out if they are spam or genuine comments, and so I thought I would respond here about the comments.

Issue 1: “You should do this instead…”

These sets are my own personal creations, and an expression of my style. If I’m not completely happy with them, I might say so in the comments, but I am not actually looking for suggestions of what to do. I not looking to purchase certain items that have been suggested for rooms instead of what I have used. Sometimes these sets are created for contests and so I am required to use certain items. Sometimes I pick something because I personally like it. Either way, by the time something makes it into a set, it is the item that I have chose, for the design that I have created.


Issue 2: Prolong your concepts as they are too short.

My blog is an image based blog. The main focus is on the images of the set designs that I create. Each design will have a “continue reading” under it which will link to a full post where I describe some of my ideas and thoughts about the design. Sometimes I might have a lot to say, and sometimes I do not. I like to give an explanation of what I was thinking when I was creating the design,but I am not  currently planning to run posts giving a step by step on creating it yourself. My blog is first and foremost focused on the visual.


I’m not trying to be mean to people, and I enjoy and appreciate those who choose to spend some of their day looking at what I have created. I thank you for your ongoing support, and I hope to have some new sets up soon.


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