Mafia Theme Party

Mafia Theme Party

Yesterday, I had the fun of coming up with a last minute Mafia themed costume., and this is what I came up with. My shirt was not the Marc Jacobs one pictured, but a cheap one that is a bit similar. My shirt only has the black coming halfway down the front- it resembles a tie. My jeans are full length, but patterned like the ones above. Lucky for me, I do have a large hat collection, and so had the option of black, white or a grey hat. I went with the black-I’d actually forgotten I owned the black one!
I didn’t end up wearing the suspenders with it. It would have been good, but the shirt being tucked into the jeans looked a bit funny, so I ended up ditching the suspenders and wearing the shirt untucked instead. It would have been good to find pants that would have looked better with the shirt and suspenders look, but that’s what happens when coming up with a costume last minute!

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