Winter Wardrobe 2014

Winter Wardrobe 2014
It’s getting colder and so I’ve been deciding on what items to add to my winter wardrobe. Here’s what I’ll be wearing Winter 2014:

1.Overalls, Cotton On, $59.95
Bit of 90’s nostalgia with these! I was actually lucky-the day I bought these, there was a 30% special,so these were an extra bargain for me.
2. Coated Jeans, Cotton On, $49.95
Last season, I bought a pair of black coated jeans elsewhere, which were great..until I washed them, and they ended up with white powdery stuff on them. A reading of the label made me realise the jeans were actually “Dry Clean Only” which was disappointing! When I saw these jeans for a cheaper price, and that the care label did not say “Dry Clean only” I decided to give these jeans a go, and I’ve had no problem with them.
3. Drapey Pants, Cotton On, $19.95
A comfy, casual pair of pants,great for lazy days!
4. Power Stretch skinny jeans, Just Jeans, $79.95
I bought these jeans in the lighter blue (“Powder”) and then found out the same jeans in the dark blue (“Overdye ink”) were on sale for $39.95. I figured you can’t go wrong with an extra pair of jeans, so I bought the darker colour too.
5. Long Sleeve Check Shirt, Topshop, $66
Love the colour!
6. Soft Floaty Spot Pullover,Sportsgirl, $79.95
I ended up paying about $42 for this top, as it was on sale and then had an additional discount on it. I bought it online, so it ended up being a bit bigger than I thought,  but it’s really comfy.It also accidentally matches my slippers!(see #9)
7.Alamo boots,Betts,$99.95
I love boots of all kinds, which sometimes makes it difficult to narrow down what ones I want! I love the country style of these boots, and I haven’t bought brown boots in a while, so I think they are a good addition to my wardrobe.
8. Twiggy Stripe Top,Sportsgirl, $49.95
I also ended up with a discount on this,paying $39.95. It looks great with the overalls,especially because of the PU trim around the neck.
9. Ladies Snuggle Boots,Peter Alexander,$39.95
I love Peter Alexander and I always buy a pair of slippers every year and wear them to death over winter. If I’m at home, I’m pretty much always in my slippers. This year, I bought a different style than usual (I’m loving the spots and the grey fluffy trim) but they are just as comfy. As a secret added bonus, if I wear the spot pullover(#6) and the slippers at home, it looks like I  have a co-ordinated “home outfit” when I really don’t.

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